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Services Offered

Web Design

Web Design 
web-design-buttonWe will take into account your specific type of business or product offering and create a unique custom made website from scratch. All elements of the build are done in house and nothing is outsourced, so we have full control of the quality and can meet deadlines without pesky delays.

We choose to build the majority of our sites using WordPress which allows the client to make future modifications with ease.

SEO Optimization is fully integrated into every website so that search engines can find you quickly. This allows your content to eventually rank well in online indexes and generate organic traffic.  

Additionally, we add various plugins which super charge your website.

Internet Marketing Services

Internet Marketing Services 

Internet Marketing in a Nutshell

Online marketing is a service that uses all types of technology and practices to promote and market a website. With the help of the internet one can easily reach millions of customers, but all this depends on how well it is marketed.

The importance of online marketing services is such that even if you have a physical store or a business, you are sure to lose out on customers if you do not have a online presence. The number of people who have benefited from online advertising are millions, they have more business, more customers and are much more successful.

Internet has become a very common and affordable service, which can be utilized by anyone at any part of the world. It can be beneficial for both the website owner and the prospective customer. Online SEO services and online marketing services can be done properly only when the internet is utilized properly, then and only then can you achieve the results you require.

Making your online presence stand out is not an easy matter. It required someone who is an expert to handle these issues. Whether you have an existing website that need revamping or you want a brand new website, online marketing needs to play its part if you want a successful online business. Another reason why online marketing services has gained momentum is because it is a very affordable and cheap solution when compared to other advertising solutions. Newspapers, television, banners, etc, are pretty expensive. While they also have a positive impact on the audience internet marketing offers you a much wider reach, where it is possible to interact and attain any type of audience.

Head on over and see all of our monthly services.

Logo Fabrication & Graphic Design

Logo and Graphic Design 
graphic-design-Buttons Our graphic designers are passionate about their craft. For us this isn’t just about slapping some lipstick on a pig; it’s our passion and we view each design as a separate piece of art work.

Our attention to detail and high quality of work are unmatched. Our style is one of simple elegance. Bold colors that match well with your theme and framework are what we envision.

We want you to make a statement that is loud and clear, but unobtrusive to your underlying message.

You can see examples here in our portfolio.

Infusionsoft Integration

Infusionsoft Integration
infusionsoft-logo-ButtonsInfusionsoft is a full blown CRM (customer relationship management) System that can handle all your needs.

The key to making a business truly work harmoniously, is to use automation. No sales process can work effectively without and in today’s day and age the new adage holds true more than ever – “he who automates best wins.”

Make Your Sales & Marketing Happen Automatically with Infusionsoft

Infusionsoft is the only all-in-one sales and marketing solution specifically designed to help small businesses succeed. The integrated system is used by over 23,000 users around the world to take their business to the next level of success.

See the difference Infusionsoft can make in your business.

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Get a firm grasp on the powerful Infusionsoft system right here.

Sales Funnel Fabrication

Sales Funnel Creation
sales-funnel-ButtonsA sales funnel is the most important part of any successful business.

Basic Sales Funnel Structure

The sales funnel begins by capturing the attention of prospects. Some prospects are convinced to become buyers, who purchase an entry level product, demonstrating that they have a need for what is on offer and are willing to invest money to solve their problem.

The sales funnel continues to nurture the best customers, filtering out mismatches and refining the specific target customer, offering them more specialized products and services, often at higher prices.

By the end of the process the funnel has identified the ultra-responsive customers who purchase everything on offer and experience the most value and satisfaction from every purchase made. It is from these ultra-responsive consumers that the majority of profits are made.

The Process in a Nutshell

Assuming you’ve identified the features & benefits of your product/ service – and you’ve identified and defined your target market – the sales process begins…

  • Prospect
  • Interview
  • Analyze needs
  • Present
  • Negotiate
  • Close
  • Service & follow-up

The Process Visually


Throughout the sales process, the salesperson should be continually…

  • positively expectant
  • enthusiastic
  • asking questions
  • listening
  • qualifying the opportunity (for both parties)
  • discovering hot buttons (what’s in it for them)
  • building rapport
  • establishing trust
  • developing credibility
  • developing a valuable relationship
  • addressing objections
  • planning next action steps
  • confirming understanding
  • asking for referrals
  • seeking additional opportunities to serve & sell
  • evaluating responses & results (positive/ negative)
  • affirming decisions (minimizing buyer’s remorse)

We consult with our clients and help them get a clear picture on how to optimize their marketing dollars while adhering to their budget. We then do a full build out of the sales process with the aid of Infusionsoft.

A funnel can be comprised of but not limited to:

  • Autoresponders
  • Email Marketing Campaigns
  • Nurture Sequences (email digests that help you build trust with a prospect).
  • Lead Generation & lead Capture
  • Web Forms
  • Sales Letters
  • Shopping Cart Integration
  • List Segmentation
  • Product Offerings
  • Upsells/Downsells

To see examples you can head on over to the case study section.


sales-funnel-ButtonsBy completing the build out of a project many business owners believe that the hard work is done. This is a big misconception as things are just getting started.

Every sales funnel, website and product launch requires constant upkeep, tweaking and optimization.

Unfortunately the process of building the ultimate business is one that is never complete. There’s always rooms for improvement and though we tend to believe that these things are concrete, they are an ever moving fluid creation that requires a careful touch. Consulting helps business owners that have a desire to learn how to market, run their own campaigns or become more familiar with systems in place.

Here’s a list of some ways that we can advise you:

  • Product Creation
  • Copy Writing and Creative
  • Paid Traffic Options (advisement for PPC, Media Buys, etc.)
  • Social Media Recommendations
  • Offering Advice on Marketing Strategies
  • Recommendations for Modifying Existing Sales Processes

Take a look at how our different consulting packages work.

Media and Public Relations

Media and Public Relations
public-relations--ButtonsPress is one of the most important parts of a successful campaign.

You can have the best product or service on the market, but if no one else aware of this then you might as well close up shop.

Perception is Reality . . . We Manage Perception

Askari Media Builds Awareness. We also Protect the Image of Brands, People and Companies by:

  • Integrating social media with traditional PR
  • Protecting reputations online and in the media
  • Building sales and brand equity for partners
  • Measuring PR results
  • Managing issues and community relations
  • Increasing visibility and telling your story

Askari Media combines traditional media relations and corporate communications experience with its extraordinary in-house Internet public relations and online marketing team.

Agency principals interface with clients and infuse creativity, proactive execution and smart strategies that address your goals. That’s strategic public relations. Our business-to-business and business-to consumer-public relations and Internet marketing programs are designed to help our clients by:

  • Crafting compelling, authentic stories
  • Disseminating their good news
  • Elevating brand awareness and sales
  • Building customer loyalty
  • Protecting their image
  • On and offline promotions
  • Press releases
  • Product syndication

Product Launches

Product Launches
product-launch-image-ButtonsHave an idea and want to take it to market?

Having a great product is not enough…

How you take it to market is what determines success. We’ve spent years successfully launching products for various companies, but we understand that smaller companies need simple, inexpensive ways to get distribution and increase sales.

That’s why we’ve customized a fast, cost effective approach that consistently gets results for small to medium sized companies. What we love now, is helping smaller companies steal market share from big brands.

History is full of great products that have failed. Taking on established brands requires calculated precision; the right combination of strategy, tactics and implementation—aligned with the needs of distributors, retailers and consumers—and smart choices about how and where to spend your marketing dollars.

Here’s a short list of some of the things we can assist you with:

  • Evergreen Sales
  • Rolling Launches
  • Affiliate Traffic Sources
  • Clickbank
  • Commission Junction
  • Understanding of the competitive
  • Specific Target Audience Appeal
  • Platform Positioning
  • Pricing Strategy
  • Packaging
  • Marketing Research