Project Based Build

Project Based Build

Custom-tailored creations that are hand crafted to provide you viable solutions

We understand that you might have unique needs and that’s why we specialize in custom made builds. You can get familiar with the process below.


Step 1 - The Discovery Call

We will do a call with you to determine your needs. We’ll give you a good idea of what we’re capable of, get a firm understanding of your business model, identify your goals, discuss possible solutions and potential integration.

Step 2 - The Quote

Now that we had a chance to touch base and determine what you’re looking to accomplish, we can send you a detailed work breakdown with price options.

Step 3 - The Paperwork

Once we iron out the details, we will send you a company agreement which also included a NCND (non-circumnavigate, non-disclosure) which protects your company methods and strategies. Once executed, we then get to work.

Step 4 - The Fabrication

This part is simple – we’ll get to work and get the job done as soon as possible.

Step 5 - The Calibration

As we’re working on the build, we will need your input. This will aid in a smooth process, with minimal delays and a beautiful finished product.

Step 6 - The Walkthrough

Once the build is complete, we’ll walk you through exactly what we did, how it has been implemented and do a live training with you that will leave you a pro on the new system and/or component.