Monthly Packages

Monthly Packages

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Online Marketing in a Nutshell

Online marketing is a service that uses all types of technology and practices to promote and market a website. With the help of the internet one can easily reach millions of customers, but all this depends on how well it is marketed.

The importance of online marketing services is such that even if you have a physical store or a business, you are sure to lose out on customers if you do not have a online presence. The number of people who have benefited from online advertising are millions, they have more business, more customers and are much more successful.

Internet has become a very common and affordable service, which can be utilized by anyone at any part of the world. It can be beneficial for both the website owner and the prospective customer. Online SEO services and online marketing services can be done properly only when the internet is utilized properly, then and only then can you achieve the results you require.

Making your online presence stand out is not an easy matter. It required someone who is an expert to handle these issues. Whether you have an existing website that need revamping or you want a brand new website, online marketing needs to play its part if you want a successful online business. Another reason why online marketing services has gained momentum is because it is a very affordable and cheap solution when compared to other advertising solutions. Newspapers, television, banners, etc, are pretty expensive. While they also have a positive impact on the audience internet marketing offers you a much wider reach, where it is possible to interact and attain any type of audience.

SEO (search engine optimization)

On Page Optimization

On Page Optimization

The coding of your web page is very important in terms of on page SEO. The code choice, the use of title tags and Meta tags have changed over time, keeping up with the latest advantages, strategic options and web page optimization techniques is part of the Askari Media’s Internet Marketing Plan.

Cleaning up the code and getting rid of extra code left by web authoring tools and improving page-loading speed are also part of this service.

Along the vein of ‘visible’ content optimization, image coding can impact page optimization. Askari Media can review your page including the image and “ALT” tags as well as the other aspects of your page code.

Code should be lean, mean and focused. This leads to not only better SEO results, but faster webpage load times – which improves conversions and reduces customer wait times.


Keyword Research

Keyword Research

Keywords – those search words that bring your market and the search engine to your page – are the foundation of page optimization.

Keyword research requires both experience and clear understanding of the market and the search engine page ranking process. Keywords alone are not usually enough to improve rank, understanding the phrases and word combinations that will also lead your market to your webpage are important. Trends, seasonal factors and changes from off page techniques will be important considerations.

Askari Media will work with you to develop keywords and phrases that will appeal to your users in search, strengthen your brand and help potential customers come to your site.

Askari Media’s Keyword Research has the strongest impact and return on investment (ROI) when part of a comprehensive Internet Marketing Strategy.


Article Writing

Article Writing and Copywriting

Article Marketing with custom articles is one of the most powerful methods of reaching your target customers. Our 100% custom article writing service helps streamline your process, so you can spend more of your time on high-value tasks.

Our article writers are well trained in copywriting and SEO principles. We never outsource your work to foreign writers. We know your content represents your business, your brand, and your online reputation. We take pride in our role as your content partner!

Our article writing service will help propel you to the top of search engines faster, save you time on your online marketing campaigns, and increase your overall online presence.

To get started, simply complete our consultation form, by clicking the button below.


Link Building

Link Building

Links from other websites can be the difference between success and failure online. One of he most labor intensive and arduous tasks of getting quality organic traffic to your website is the process of getting relevant back links. At Askari Media, we’ve mastered the art of link building services and have designed powerful link building packages to meet this need.

Our Three Step Link Building Process

The Askari Media professional link building program includes extensive link building service packages that offer a highly interactive approach to link building. Our affordable link building program involves several steps to ensure the best possible outcome for your investment.

Step 1: Website Analysis

With numerous link building strategies available, there is no one SEO link building technique that is right for everyone. In the first step of our link building service, we analyze your website, your market and your goals to create a customized link building campaign based on your assets and needs. This method ensures that the linkbuilding services you receive are exactly what you need!

Step 2: Research

The most crucial step of our link building program is the extensive research we perform on linking data in your niche. Through our proprietary tools that we use in conjunction with our SEO link building research, we are able to identify the most effective strategies for link acquisition. In this way, our SEO link building services ensure that we provide you with the resources to attract valuable authoritative links.

Step 3: Outreach

Our professional link building program is so successful because our extensively trained link builders are experts in promoting websites for the purpose of building links. Not only are our professional link building ninjas highly effective in obtaining links and delivering other aspects of our link building service but they also serve as brand ambassadors for your website. Our clients love our link building packages because our back link building services focus on providing webmasters with compelling reasons to link to your site. This methodology of link building service results in win-win situations that increase backlinks, authority and brand exposure. In short, it is an extremely effective and affordable link building program.

The Reasons You Need Link Building Services on Your Side

Links cultivated through our linkbuilding services are more powerful than our competitors – there is simply no comparison.

Through our link building services, we offer merit-based links from trusted and authoritative web sites.

We provide FULL TRANSPARENCY with detailed reports on your link building packages.

We offer a variety of affordable link building packages to meet your marketing and budgetary needs.

Each of our SEO link building services packages are multi-faceted and include research, content and creative on-page optimization techniques.

We pride ourselves on exceptional customer service for all of our SEO link building services; you will always have access to an account manager and link building consultant to answer your questions related to our link building services.


Social Bookmarking

Social Bookmarking

Social Bookmarking is really popular at the moment and browse recently bookmarked sites to find useful and relevant information. People will find and read the bookmarked web page, blog post. Increase your social bookmarking traffic; take advantage of the popularity of social bookmarking sites like,, and many others.

Social Bookmarking Service to promote your website you are essentially sticking a small advert for your blog post, web page or article in front of millions of people across the world. This is an extremely quick and easy way of getting your brand name or product noticed.

Increased Traffic – As more and more people read your bookmarked blog post/ web article and vote for it, the more popular it becomes & the traffic to your site increases.

Increased Visibility & Branding – Submitting to Social Bookmarking Sites puts your blog/website out there in front of millions of people, increasing your visibility ten notches and getting you more branding.

Get more Links – Each of these Popular Social Bookmarking Sites see tremendous volumes of traffic on a daily basis, if your blog/website has good content on it, chances are that several of these users will link to your content, thus getting you relevant links which will ultimately lead to an increase in your Rankings in the Search Engines.



SEO Bronze

just enough

SEO Gold


Initial Website Analysis    
On Page Optimization    
Monthly Reporting    
Monthly Keyword Research    
Monthly Press Release (1)    
Social Bookmarking Sites 75 125
Social Bookmarking Submissions 100 1000
Directory Submissions 300 1000
Unique Article Writing 1 5

We cater to all business sizes and understand that you may have very specific needs. That’s why our plans start as low as $249/month. *All plans carry a set up fee* No contracts! Contact us today to get a free consultation.

Social Media

Social Media Snapshot

Social Media Made Simple

The best way to define social media is to break it down. Media is an instrument on communication, like a newspaper or a radio, so social media would be a social instrument of communication.

In Web 2.0 terms, this would be a website that doesn’t just give you information, but interacts with you while giving you that information. This interaction can be as simple as asking for your comments or letting you vote on an article, or it can be as complex as Flixster recommending movies to you based on the ratings of other people with similar interests.

Think of regular media as a one-way street where you can read a newspaper or listen to a report on television, but you have very limited ability to give your thoughts on the matter.

Social media, on the other hand, is a two-way street that gives you the ability to communicate too.



SM Bronze

just enough

SM Gold


Website & Social Media Integration    
Facebook, Twitter & Youtube Setup    
Facebook, Twitter & Youtube Graphics    
Facebook Custom Tab Design    
Youtube Video Syndication    
Digg, LinkedIn & Pinterest Setup    
Social Media Posting    
Relevant Weekly Facebook Posts 21
Relevant Weekly Twitter Posts 21
REAL Twitter Followers/mo 1000
Contest Management 1

No social media campaign is created the same. That’s why not only will we take into account your specific business and industry, but we’ll offer insightful suggestions as well. Our plans start as low as $249/month. *All plans carry a set up fee* No contracts! Contact us today to get a free consultation.

PPC (pay per click)

At the very top and down the right hand side of the major search engines, you’ll find something called sponsored listings. Love or hate them, Sponsored Listings work.

They provide a quick and affordable way to capture highly qualified shoppers within minutes of placing your ads. It’s an excellent opportunity to choose specific search terms you would like to be found under and pay only for those who click on your listings.

The vast majority of clicks on a search engine are in the upper left hand corner of the results. Top placement within this area can generate massive traffic.

We offer full service search engine positioning solutions for setup, management, conversions and reporting within both Google and Yahoo’s Pay Per Click search portals.


Paid Advertising Platforms

Paid Advertising Platforms

Here’s a list of the platforms we use for paid marketing:

  • Google Adwords
  • Google Youtube Video Marketing
  • AdCenter (Yahoo, Bing and MSN)
  • Facebook Ads

Measuring Success

Ways to Measure Success

Following a detailed analysis of your business and industry, we present a personalized PPC plan of attack (which we manage), along with an accurate cost projection designed to match your budget.

After that, we kick things nto high gear and start the campaign. We select a roster of industry-relevant keywords — including negative keywords — and handle the bidding process entirely on our end.

We build and test multiple search engine advertising placements, creating engaging and PPC-friendly ad copy to facilitate your campaign.

Campaign Optimization

Campaign Optimization

Optimization may sound unfamiliar and unrelated to your business, but when it comes to online marketing, there are no better words than Adwords Optimization as far as marketing your company with the most-used search engine on the planet, Google.

If your company operates locally and you have tried to reach potential clients throughout your county and its bordering counties, you may have tried advertising with a local newspaper as a means of marketing your product or service – but you only see disappointing results. Your competition may be leaving you behind by marketing themselves online via Optimization.

The concept is quite simple. The pitch you use in print marketing are likely the same words you would use to reach your targeted clients. If you own an auto shop, you would use ‘Auto Repair Shop’ or ‘Discount Auto Shop’ in your newspaper ad; in online marketing, particularly in Optimization, the pitch or keywords that your potential clients use when searching for repair shops in their local area are quite similar.

Potential clients go to Google, type in the keywords ‘Discount Auto Shop’; the results Google shows are the very shops in your area that utilizes the Adwords Optimization marketing campaign.


Web & Data Security

We can make sure that your site is monitored so it always remains safe and secure. We do this by performing daily scans and if anything funny is detected, we can isolate and remove it.

What separates Askari media’s Website Security program from all the rest is that we don’t just rely on software, we have an actual real live tech review your site on a daily basis.

Here’s a list of some ways that we can protect your investment:

  • Initial Website Security Analysis
  • Anti-Virus/Anti-Malware Installation
  • Daily Virus Scans
  • 24 Hour Virus Removal
  • Hardening of Websites
  • SPAM Removal


Secuirty is a necessity in order to avoid business interruption or even worse…loss of income. Our monthly Security Package fee is just $99/month. No contracts! Contact us today to get a free consultation.