Consulting Packages

Consulting Packages

Leverage our Expertise and Experience to Create a Successful Business

sales-funnel-ButtonsUnfortunately the process of building the ultimate business is one that is never complete. There’s always rooms for improvement and though we tend to believe that these things are concrete, they are an ever moving fluid creation that requires a careful touch.

The consultation packages can be used to maintain and modify a website or build. This can also serve as coaching with our CEO and Founder.

Consulting helps business owners learn how to market, run their own campaigns or become more familiar with systems in place with the aid of private one-on-one sessions (you can also invite employees or partners as well).

Here’s a list of some ways that we can advise you:

  • Product Creation or Existing Funnel Review
  • System or Program Tutorials (LIVE)
  • Site Maintenance
  • Copy Writing and Creative
  • Paid Traffic Options (advisement for PPC, Media Buys, etc.)
  • Social Media Recommendations
  • Public Relations and Marketing Strategies
  • Advice for Modifying Existing Sales Processes
















Private 1-on-1 Sessions with CEO/Founder      
Site Maintenance      
Funnel Revisions      
Skype Sessions      
Recorded Sessions      

Please Note These prices are just for Consulting and not any of the other services offered (i.e. web design, graphic design, sales funnel creation, security, SEO, SMM, or PPC Management) Prices for all other services are formatted on a case by case or monthly service fee basis.