A "sales funnel" acts as a sieve to direct qualified purchasers through the sales process, while filtering out less-qualified visitors along the way. At the top of a sales funnel is a mixture of qualified and unqualified prospective customers. Less-qualified purchasers...

How to Optimize Your Sales Funnel for Success

As online marketers, we often devote a large amount of time to finding ways to attract eyeballs to our online assets. We put such effort into simply get the readers there that we allow the rest to take care of itself. Money will flow, Ferraris will be purchased, and we can all retire nice and young…

Commentary Should Remain the Lifeblood of Blogs

It's true that some comments naturally carry more weight -- for instance, if they come from a knowledgeable person or expert -- while others offer vital counterpoints that add to the conversation. But tamping down on the ability for readers or customers to freely provide feedback is a sure fire way to kill the credibility of a brand.
Online marketers are often talking about creating “viral” content -- and with good reason. Because viral content spreads sofast, it can build up backlinks in a short amount of time with relatively little effort. Not only can backlinks send traffic directly to your website, but they also can boost your site higher in search engine results pages to help you continue to draw more visitors.

The Social Funnel: What You Lose When You Ignore It

We shutter up our Social Media teams in their own rooms and leave them to their tweets and Instagram photos while the marketing pros hunker down on the big guns: conversions. Landing Pages. Leads, Costs, ROI. Sure, most pros acknowledge the power of social media in terms of brand awareness — it’s the flypaper that holds the customer still long enough for us to shove them down the sales funnel, where we cash them in profit.

How Location-Based Marketing Can Help You Connect with Customers

Companies are using location-based marketing in a number of ways to connect with customers. Some tend to stick with only one tool to keep things simple. Others use all of the tools to stay connected with their customers on a variety of fronts.